Collagen Sport Joint

Who we are 

Our Collagen Powder is proudly formulated and manufactured right here in South Africa in a Registered Pharmaceutical Laboratory by Doctors and Scientists providing us with world-class research and development to offer you high-performance result-driven products.

It is important to remember that no single ingredient can take care of all of the skin’s complex needs. Keeping skin healthy and young requires a combination of ingredients and products that work together to give you skin exactly what it needs.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the main protein in the connective tissues of the body and represents almost 30% of all human protein content

Collagen is everywhere in the human body: in our bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and skin as well as our smooth muscle tissue, blood vessels and other organs

A key structural protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of all our connective tissue

As we age our bodies produce less collagen per year – weakening our joints and muscles, dulling our hair and nails, slowing our ability to heal, increasing the signs of aging on our skin and joints

Peptan contains 18 amino acids the building blocks of our tissues and primary component of proteins

Collagen is directly absorbed by the body – when collagen is digested the peptides are attracted to  cells that synthesize collagen in the human body

The Cells use specific amino acids and peptides as building blocks to produce the large  collagen helix structure which is then organized into the strong fibers that provide structural tissue support